Osaka Information and
Computer Science College

We foster people to be ready to
work among the professionals!!

OIC is a comprehensive digital school with various departments and courses such as information processing IT, game, CG, visual imaging, animation, web design, and business. We have a vast network with industries and have internships and business seminars and screening with 150 companies on campus. We train our students to be ready to work among the professionals. We have a few features in our school. 1. The annual tuition is 700,000 yen after using the special international student scholarship system. (Candidates must have a Japanese skill equivalent to N2 in JLPT or 200 in EJU.) 2. Students can transfer to the third year in 4 year universities! 20 students are admitted to our affiliated school, Osaka University of Economics and Law, by recommendation! We have 13 other designated schools for recommendation! 3. We support our students to get certified for national licenses and other certifications. 4. We give thorough support for job hunting in Japan for individual students until they are employed.

With OIC’s transfer system, you can earn a university degree (bachelor’s) with 2 years of studying in OIC and another 2 years in a university and can have an advantage in job hunting by having specialized knowledge. OIC has great or successful results in transferring students to universities such as Eihme University (national university), Kinki University, Osaka Sangyo University, and Osaka University of Arts. All students who wished to transfer were able to transfer to those universities.

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6-8-4 Uehonmachi Tennouji-ku Osaka-shi Osaka

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July The early of month

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Application fee

20,000 Yen

First year academic fees(tuition fee)

370,000 Yen ~ 600,000 Yen

First year academic fees(other fee)

330,000 Yen ~ 330,000 Yen

First year academic fees(annual total)

700,000 Yen ~ 930,000 Yen

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